Seventeen years ago, Transformation India Movement (TIM) inaugurated the first sewing center in one of the villages in Bihar. Herla, a parishioner at Annunciation, met the founder of TIM at a prayer group and they talked about the need in India. At the time, Herla struggled financially while operating a sewing business in Orlando. In prayer, Herla felt called to help with the ministry and  gave $1150, her entire savings, to establish the school (the first school was name “Kimarah” after Herla’s daughter).

With that seed money, TIM has since opened 93 Bridge of Hope sewing centers in Bihar, successfully trained over 2200 women from underprivileged backgrounds, and distributed over 700 sewing machines. Hundreds of women have become self-sufficient, providing financial support for their families and educating their children.

Thank you Herla for answering the call to be “Eucharist” in the lives of these women and their families. The seed that you helped sow continues to grow.

Photo of some of the women receiving their training certificates.